I am a nature photographer living in a valley below the beautiful sierras. What better way to show the rugged beauty of our mountain to our vase cannons, valleys and meadows.

I try to capture wildlife in its natural habitat. From our wild horses in the hills to the bears in the creeks and mountains of Tahoe.

When shooting wild life safety and preservation of my subjects is very important to me. I study my subjects and hope to bring you a story within each shot.

I photograph many raptors and birds right down to the humming bird. Each is beautiful and has so many colors. We have many off-road excursions, and always finding old barns, mines, old ranches and the livestock. I try to keep the old way alive. The cowboy flair. And easy natural flow of ranching.

Some of my awards include:

1st place, Dust In the Wind, Carson Valley Art Assoc. (2016)

3rd place, Hummer on a Pink Flower, Carson Valley Art Assoc. (2015)

1st place, Eagle on a post with a cow, Eagles and Ag. (2015)

1st place, Historical, Train, Nevada State Fair. (2015)

1st place, Two Buckskins Horses in the water challenging, Nevada State Fair. (2015)

 1st place, Car in Barn, Nevada State Fair. (2015)

2nd place, Ball Reflection, Carson Valley Art Association

1st place, Fly Geyser, Nevada State Fair, (2014)

3rd place, Fly Geyser, Carson Valley Art Association. (2014)

Birds and Bloom Magazine, Hummer on a Trumpet Flower. (2014)

Wild Horse Dance, Tahoe Quarterly Magazine Sponsored by Nevada Museum of Art.


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